10 best places to meet men.

AskMen.com recommends 29 places that men should visit. Cosmopolitan (I do think it’s a very stupid magazine; but I admit I used to be a very big fan, and I still have a collection of few years’ worth subscriptions) takes that and advises its readers to go there for men hunt.

And I take it and tell you – bullshit to most of them. Those are not good places to go and meet men; here’s why:

10. Las Vegas – gamblers go there and they are not interested in women but money; Grey Goose didn’t meet anybody worthy there (or did you?)

9. Bangkok – those who are there are not interested in women, they are pedofile-like old, ugly Brits interested in child looking Thai girls who’ll do blow job for a drink.

8. Melbourne – Ok, this one maybe? I’ve never been there and Aussies seem to be handsome…

7. Paris – This one should be number one. French are known for their flirting, and it’s always nice to have some amour with a Frenchie… if he doesn’t carry garlic on his neck, that is.

6. Seoul – if you like Asians go for it. I don’t.

5. London – Brits are not that good, I’m telling you.

4. New York City – there are unmarried 20 women for every single guy. If you like competition, go for it!

3. Miami – pensioners and crocodiles.

2. Buenos Aires – I haven’t been so can’t comment. Is it safe there?

1. Barcelona – similar to Paris, I guess, but if you like Latinos.

Where would YOU recommend to go to meet guys? And don’t tell me match.com, please.

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11 responses to “10 best places to meet men.

  • Vixter2010

    I’ve been to Paris, NYC and Vegas and live near London, not met a man in any of them!! I’m as clueless as you as to where they are all hiding :)

  • Deborah the Closet Monster

    Oh, man. I have no idea! But I like your responses to this bogus list. :D

  • Grey Goose, Dirty

    uhm, I don’t really remember as I was drunk most of the time, but I’m thinking no. ;-)

    Whatever happened to the good old fashioned way of meeting men by ramming your shopping cart into theirs in the frozen food section of your local supermarket? ;-)

    Oh, and btw, those are pretty damn expensive options for where to meet men.

  • bornagainsingle

    Berlin! Don’t ask me why, but I’ve always had a thing for Germans…

    Otherwise the UAE. You might not find someone who’ll marry you. But a rich lover who flies in once a month with a few diamonds and Chanel bags isn’t a bad alternative.

    But if you want to keep it more local then a football match is actually a very good place to pick up men. Generally the testosterone will be running high and as a woman you’re never lacking any attention. Ok – not all the men and/or attention is equally charming. But it some of it (them) definitely is ;)

    • Surrey gal

      I know one half German half Turkish, he even fancied me, but it wasn’t mutual :(
      The football match… that sound interesting! There should be plenty of games here in UK!

  • Anne

    I would have to agree iwth the list in your blog, SG. I cannot imagine dating anyone I meet in Bangkok, Las Vegas, Miami (please!), or Seoul. Every guy I know who loves NYC is stuck up. So what about Sweden? I have also met some cute Turkish guys… not in Turkey though.

    It is almost football season, I am going to try that this fall.

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